A fair, effective and human approach to debt resolution

What we do at Hoist Finance is pretty straightforward: We help people keep their financial commitments. Our approach to this is equally committed – fair, uncomplicated and always with a humane perspective. Whenever a customer is in contact with us, they can rely on being treated in a consistent, responsible, and ethical way. Helping people get back on track and be a part of the financial ecosystem is at the core of what we do. At the same time, we are contributing to upholding fair and stable credit markets. This is important to not only our customers and the banking sector, but also to society as a whole.

Our story

Hoist Finance was founded in 1994 and achieved a key milestone in 1996 with the approval of the subsidiary Hoist Kredit AB (publ) by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority under the new credit company regulations. Hoist Finance has enjoyed strong, profitable growth for the past years, and we are currently operating in eleven European countries with more than 1,700 employees. With over 20 years of experience, we have become one of the leading debt management companies in Europe – and we are growing fast. The Group has operated under the Hoist Finance brand since 2012 and was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in 2015. Our subsidiary Hoist Kredit merged with Hoist Finance in 2018.

We purchase both performing and non-performing loans from our partners, international banks and financial institutions, so that they can free up resources for their respective core business. Apart from helping people getting back on track financially, this also contributes to upholding a sustainable, fair and stable credit market since we help banks to offload their balance sheet so that they can meet their regulatory requirements.

Hoist Finance is increasingly perceived as a long-term, transparent and trusted partner to the financial industry.

Klaus-Anders Nysteen CEO, Hoist Finance AB

Strong Footprint in Europe

Hoist Finance purchases and manages non-performing and performing loans in 11 countries across Europe.

Our team

We often deal with customers who find themselves in distressing circumstances. This requires a particular skillset and process, something that we have honed to perfection over the years. All employees who have any form of contact with our customers receive special training, but more importantly, they have empathy and social skills and always uphold the highest ethical standards.


Our Customers

First and foremost, we understand that our customers within the unsecured non-performing loans segment didn’t want to end up in the situation they are in. We also know that the great majority of them want to get out of it, and this is where we can help. At Hoist Finance, we are always doing the utmost to come to amicable arrangements with our customers. This means that we always strive to maximise the agreements based on voluntary repayment solutions. We find that a great majority of customers want to reduce their debt burden, and we take pride in standing by their side, supporting them in finding a solution for their specific situation.

Our Customers

Our Strategy

Our strategy rests on four pillars: Market Leadership, Effective & Efficient, Digital Leader and Banking Platform. We limit ourselves to a number of prioritised markets where we are, or have the potential to become, one of the most important actors. Through standardisation and harmonisation of our organisation, we work with best practices rather than local practices. This means that we continuously improve our efficiency and effectiveness. We also acknowledge the untapped potential that digital technology has for our industry, and we are constantly improving our digital and analytics capabilities. This enables us to serve the customers in a ways that suits them. Finally, our banking platform offers a unique funding model, and the opportunity to engage more broadly with our savings customers.

Hoist Finance is headquartered in Stockholm

1994 Hoist Finance was Founded
1700+ Employees
11 Markets
6 bn SEK 2019 Portfolio Acquisitions
13% 2019 Return of Equity

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