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This website uses cookies. When you access our web pages and accept cookies, you agree with our usage of cookies.

We typically use cookies to improve your overall experience, for example by being able to remember who you are and where in the website you have visited. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device by the web server supplying the website. The below information will describe which cookies are used for and how they can be disabled. Cookies are NOT viruses and cannot be used to execute programs. In many cases, a website needs to use a cookie in order to function correctly.


We use two different types of cookies on our websites :

  1. A session cookie is a temporary cookie which is erased when you close the browser. The session cookie is used to keep track of which Hoist Finance web server you were connected to when you first loaded the site. Many websites including this site use more than one web server to handle and spread the traffic. It is important for the website to be able to know which web server is dealing with your traffic and so the session cookie contains that information.
  2. A persistent cookie is the type of the cookie which remains on your computer or mobile device for a predefined period of time. Persistent cookies are used to collect visitor behaviour information and to collect statistics.

Table of cookies used on our websites:



Necessary cookies

These cookies are required to run our website & ensure that certain features work properly. These are always enabled, otherwise, you can't view or engage with the website.
Cookie name What it does Expires Domain Company
HoistFinance This cookie is used to identify our customers. It is a security cookie that generates a unique random key. Without this cookie, customers would have difficulty logging into their account. 24 hours Hoist Finance (AB publ)
notification - info banner This cookie is used to store information indicating that the user has received the information provided by a banner (used when Hoist Finance has exceptional information to provide to users). Session Hoist Finance (AB publ)
ARRAffinity - ARRAffinitySameSite Affinity cookies are used to help people who need to stay with a certain exemple web application or website in Azure Session MS - Azure
ai_session The cookie is associated with Microsoft Application Insights software, which collects statistical usage and telemetry information for applications created on the Azure Cloud platform. This a unique anonymous session identifier cookie. Session MS - Azure
ai_user It is a unique user identification cookie used to count the number of users accessing the application over time 1 year MS - Azure
SessionExpires This cookie is used to assign a session identifier to each user, which corresponds to a unique number for the duration of the user's visit (15-minute session). This cookie allows the user's session to be closed at the end of the 15-minute period of inactivity. Session Hoist Finance (AB publ)
UnauthorizedRequestUrl This cookie is used to redirect you to the home page of our website when your session expires. Session Hoist Finance (AB publ)
OptanonAlertBoxClosed This cookie is used in conjunction with the OneTrust solution. It allows the website to avoid showing the cookie information banner more than once to a user. 1 year Hoist Finance (AB publ)
OptanonConsent This cookie is used in conjunction with the OneTrust solution. It stores information about the categories of cookies used by the website and whether visitors have given or withdrawn their consent to the use of each category. 1 year Hoist Finance (AB publ)
HoistSinglePaymentToken (nd extension : HoistSinglePaymentTokenWithAmount, HoistRecurringPaymentTokenWithAmount, HoistRecurringPaymentToken …) protecting customer sensitive data by replacing it with an algorithmically generated number called a token Session Hoist Finance (AB publ)
ASP.NET_SessionId General platform session cookie used by websites written using Miscrosoft.NET-based technologies. Usually used to maintain an anonymized user session through the server. Session Hoist Finance (AB publ)
_RequestVerificationToken Prevents the unauthorized posting of content on a website known as Cross-Site Request Forgery. Does not contain any information about the user and is destroyed when the browser is closed. Session Hoist Finance (AB publ)
RegisterByEmail / fromOffer / PayerReviewStatus/ payFullBalance / enableStoreDetails These cookies are used in connection with our customer area. They allow during registration to choose the verification method and to improve the user experience when making a payment or setting up a plan. Session Hoist Finance (AB publ)
Adyen (and extension : adyen.paymentAmount / adyen.merchantReference / adyen.paymentMethodType / adyen.resultCode / adyen.pspReference / adyen.refusalReason) "These cookies are used in conjunction with our payment service provider Adyen. They are necessary to manage your payments. More information :" Session Adyen
EPiForm (and extension : EPiForm_BID, EPiForm_VisitorIdentifier) These cookies are used in connection with our contact form. 90 days Hoist Finance (AB publ)
PaymentReference ShopperReference These cookies are used to keep the identity of the user logged into a direct payment session. They encrypt and store the information needed for the various stages of the direct payment process. Session Hoist Finance (AB publ)
vuid These cookies are used by the Vimeo video player on websites. 729 days
__cf_bm The __cf_bm cookie is a cookie necessary to support Cloudflare Bot Management, currently in private beta. As part of our bot management service, this cookie helps manage incoming traffic that matches criteria associated with bots. This is a CloudFoundry cookie Session

Performance cookies

These cookies tell us how you as a visitor use our website. This data helps us to discover errors and develop new features. It also allows us to test the effectiveness of our website so that it caters to your needs.
Cookie name What it does Expires Domain Company
ai_user This cookie is used by the Microsoft Application Insights software to gather statistical information about usage and telemetry. The cookie stores a unique identifier to recognise users who return to the site over time. 1 year MS - Azure
ai_session The cookie is associated with Microsoft Application Insights software, which collects statistical usage and telemetry information for applications created on the Azure Cloud platform. This a unique anonymous session identifier cookie. Session MS - Azure
FirstSuccessfulLogin This cookie is used to track the number of completed registrations on our website. Session Hoist Finance (AB publ)
mf_[website-id] The cookie contains information about the current session but does not contain any information that can identify the visitor. This cookie is deleted when the session ends, meaning when the user leaves the website. Session Mouseflow
mf_user This cookie establishes whether the user is a returning or first-time visitor. This is done simply by a yes/no toggle and no further information about the user is stored. This cookie has a lifetime of 90 days. 90 days Mouseflow

How to manage cookies

You can accept or reject cookies at any time by accessing our preferences panel again:

Link to web preferences panel

If you wish to find out more about cookies, how to manage cookies and what different types of cookies are, please visit

The use of these cookies can be prevented at any time by altering the cookie settings in your browser. However, the functionality of this website will be impaired as a result.

If you are not sure how to do this, please visit ´´Manage cookies´´ section on above provided website where you can find information how to disable cookies on all browsers.

If you wish to prevent cookies from being placed onto your machine by this website, but either cannot or do not wish to implement the measures as suggested above, then please refrain from using this website.


Our website may use web beacons (also known as clear gifs, pixel tags, or web bugs) for website and platform performance related analytics only. These beacons are tiny graphics with a unique identifier, similar in function to cookies, and are used to track the online movements of our website users. In contrast to cookies, which are stored on a user's computer hard drive, web beacons are embedded invisibly on web pages. We do not link the information collected by web beacons to any personally identifiable information of our users.


The information contained on website is for general information purposes only. Our company assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents on the above mentioned website. In no event shall our company be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or any damages whatsoever, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tort, arising out of or in connection with the use of the website or the contents of the website. website may contain links to external websites that are not provided or maintained by or in any way affiliated with our company. Please note that our company does not guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of any information on these external websites.

Your rights

You can prevent Google from collecting the data generated by the cookie and relating to your use of the website (including your masked IP address) and from processing this data by Google by downloading and installing the Browser Add-on. Opt-out cookies will prevent future collection of your data when you visit this website. To prevent Universal Analytics from collecting data across different devices, you must opt-out on all systems used. We would like to point out that in this case that you opt out from Google Analytics you may not be able to use all functionalities of this website to their full extent.

Third parties

Please note that our website is connected to an electronic payment portal through which you can make direct payments. This service is provided by the payment service provider Adyen. Adyen uses cookies to ensure the proper and secure functionality of the payment portal and to improve your user experience.

We refer to the following Adyen cookie policy:

Last update

This cookie policy was last time updated: 12th of April 2023.

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